Continue Saving with our Value Series

How much are you paying each month for a storage unit? Multiply that cost for months and years ahead, and then compare it to the cost of owning your own building with us. People are usually surprised at how affordable our buildings are, especially our value series.

Value Prices. When you choose a value line building, you’ll find that the prices are 10 to 15% less than our more customized units. With our financing, you can find buildings starting at only $127 per month, or you can choose to rent to own.

Value Features. But the prices aren’t the only value, because the value line offers the same top quality as all of our buildings at Hometown. This includes:

  • 2″ x 6″ Pressure-treated floor joists with 4″ x 6″ Pressure-treated dado notched runners
  • 3/4″ LP® TopNotch® Tongue-in-groove floor decking.
  • Standard unpainted 29 gauge Galvalume® siding and vertical roof panels to match.
  • 5′ or 6′ roll up doors

You can choose from sizes ranging from 12’ X 16’ to 12’ X 32’, and you can even customize the trim colors!

Value Over Time. Think how nice it would be to not pay self storage for the rest of your life. Add in the cost of gas, your time, and the inconvenience of not having the things you need near your home, and the savings just keeps going.

For our valued customers, the Value Series will help you save now – and in the future.

Peachy Keen on this Fruit Stand

When you are a quality custom builder and you receive a special request, you work with your team of professionals to make it happen. Recently Graham, NC business Garden Valley Market reached out to our team about creating a vision they had for a customer friendly, space efficient fruit stand.

When the business owner contacted us he had an idea in mind, including sketches, of what type of structure he would like to utilize for his location. After making a few adjustments to comply with the city’s code and to best fit the needs of his business, we worked together to finalize a plan.

Part of what sets Hometown Sheds apart from the rest is the fact that we focus on a quality experience from beginning to end. To make sure the custom building would safely transport from factory to the customer’s location, we added extra shoring and bracing throughout. And while sound construction is important, our buildings are also aesthetically appeasing – we customized the interior and reinforced the framing and sheath to help support the open concept the customer requested. Lastly, architectural shingles were added and a Cedar urethane stain.

The final product is a visually appealing, functional produce stand that will last for many harvests to come. By focusing on the customer’s ideas and combining with Hometown’s quality construction, we can customize a shed or building to meet any individual needs. So from produce stands, to church storage and backyard sheds, Hometown has something to fit every situation. Call us today and let our professionals walk you through the process. From beginning to end, we’re by your side.

Playsets for the Kids on the Nice List

amish-made-playset-gymset.jpgIt’s the season for lists. Nice lists. To do lists. Grocery lists. And Christmas lists. If a playset is on your child’s wish list for the holiday, here’s a list of reasons why the Adventure World Playsets from Hometown Sheds are the best choice for all the kids on Santa’s nice list…

Nice Design! We have ten different basic styles for you to choose from, but the really nice thing is that – you can design your own playset. Use the Adventure World design builder (or just drop by) and choose from all sorts of kinds of swings and slides, turrets and towers, sandboxes and ladders…and the list goes on.

The Nicest Quality. The list of features on the Adventure World playsets is really nice! The structures are made from pressure treated wood wrapped in fade resistant vinyl. The hardware is designed for safety and durability. The sets are durable and sturdy for safety and longevity. Even the roofs are crafted to resist wind damage!

Nice and Safe. Sometimes it’s the little niceties that keep kids safe – things like a vinyl splinter free surface, rubber coated chains, double ground anchors for swings, and safety rails top the nice list of safety features.

The Nicest Thing…No Assembly! When you purchase a playset from us, you don’t have to assemble it! We deliver it and you can sit back and relax. That’s nice!!

Christmas is the nicest time to surprise your kids with a playset, and Hometown Sheds is the nicest place to get one! Whether they’re naughty or nice, your kids will love getting an Adventure World playset. Call us today and let’s have a nice talk about it!

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Getting Groovy with Tongue in Groove Flooring

Man, we gotta tell you. We’re psyched that our floors are built with tongue in groove construction, but if you’re not hip on that term, let us sock it to you with the solid…

The Low Down. The best quality hardwood floors that you find in older buildings and high end homes are built with boards that have a slot on one side and a groove on the other. The boards are laid side by side, with the “tongue” fitting tightly into the groove. Regular flooring has planks laid side by side and are connected with nails or glued to a subfloor.

Hanging Tight. The way tongue in groove floors are interlocked means that gaps won’t appear because of time, wear, or movement. The floor is stable and the appearance smooth and even. In addition, our floors are actually bolted to joists situated 16″ on center, which adds to the stability.

We’ve not Jiving. Tongue in Groove is a groovy foundation for our buildings, but you’ll dig that every part of our buildings is outta sight – all the way up to the roof.

Slide on over to see us, and let’s gas about how you can own one of our fab buildings. You’re going to freak out at how little scratch it will take for you to get all decked out in a groovy new storage building.