Your New Shed Is Only A Click Or Call Away

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Life is busy, and your time is important. At Hometown Sheds we make it easy for you to create the custom shed, building, garage, carport, or playset that you’ve been dreaming of – with just the click of a mouse or quick phone call.  While our local professionals are happy to show you around and help you customize your new shed in person, when time is of the essence or you’d simply prefer to shop from the comfort of home, you’ll get the same expert service and quality products.

Just A Click Away. Online shopping for everything from clothing to groceries is convenient and easy. Shopping online for a shed or carport is no different. Our new Online Portals allow you to virtually build your own carport or shed from scratch – right on your computer or phone. First you’ll choose the style and size, then add in your many customizable options. Pick your roofing, porch, siding, colors, flooring and even the interior – you’ll become your own designer. And the best part? Once you’ve created your new vision, click or call, and we’ll get back to you with an estimate!

Calling For Convenience. In addition to creating your new design online, you can also work with one of our experienced staff over the phone. Whether you’re shopping the Hometown Sheds website, Facebook page or just have a few questions to get started, our trained professionals are here to help you. We’ll be able to walk you through from beginning to end, provide you a quote and set up delivery and payment right via a simple phone call. Social distancing? No problem. Just pick up the phone and we’ll walk you through design to delivery in one simple step.

Before you head out the door, pack up the family and drive across town, browse around the Hometown Sheds website or simply pick up the phone to be connected to the same, great, local designers without the hassle of leaving home. Are you ready to get started? Click on one of the buttons below!

Plan Now For Your Custom Holiday Gifts

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It’s hard to believe as the leaves are just beginning to fall that’s it time to start thinking about the holidays. Since the quality handcrafted pieces from Hometown are customized, now is the time to think about creating the perfect gift in order to ensure holiday fulfillment and delivery. Whether you’re looking for a new playset for the kids or grandkids, or that she shed your wife has been wanting all year, we’re here to help!

Custom Crafted Buildings and Sheds. Unlike many other companies, our sheds, buildings, and playsets are not one size fits all. From the time you step onto the lot and meet with one of our professional consultants, the ideas will start flowing. Do you want a metal or wooden shed? His and hers to match? Insulation, electricity, shelving, windows, roll up, or double doors? What color best suits your home or business? Do you have hard to store items which would be perfect for a loft? What about an outdoor seating area on one of our beautiful wrap around porch models? These are just a few of the options that you will discuss when creating that perfect gift.

One of a Kind Playsets. Our playsets are also completely customizable. You’ll get to pick from swing options, tube or open air slides, tunnels, forts, rock walls, picnic tables, sandboxes, and much, much more! We have a full line of playset accessories even including something for the grownups.

Kennels Made to Order. If Santa is planning on bringing a new puppy this year, we also have a great selection of durable kennels, made to fit of course.

Just In Time. After you meet and have decided on your perfect custom made building or playset, the fun begins. Many of our buildings are constructed locally by hand, with pristine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Your Amish built playset will be constructed in Pennsylvania and shipped to us – ready for you.

But since most of our products are custom made, you’ll want to make sure to plan and order now to ensure they’re ready for that big bow on Christmas morning. We make it easy to shop, too. In addition to stopping by in person to meet with one of our professionals, you can also order over the phone or online! Did we mention that delivery and set up are also included with every purchase?

Save your time and avoid the crowds on Black Friday this year and plan ahead now. We offer multiple financing options to help you along the way, too. Don’t delay, stop in or call us today and let us help you build that perfect gift this holiday season!

Building Your Storage Solutions From The Ground Up

creating a building

You’ve always heard the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover. The same is true when comparing sheds. The sheds at Hometown are built locally from the ground up, custom made to fit your needs.

From the time you step foot onto one of our many local lots, you’re more than just a number. Our consultants will meet with you to discuss your needs and create a plan for your project. Unlike other buildings, the sheds at Hometown are not “cookie cutter” and each one is crafted from the ground up with you in mind.

Superior craftsmanship comes built into every one of our products at Hometown Sheds. Once you’ve met with one of our professional consultants and created a plan, the fun begins. Our sheds are built locally using 3/4” tongue-in-groove floor decking and 2′ x 6′ floor joists for added support. From sizes ranging from 8′ x 10′ up to 12′ x 36′ or larger, our carpenters measure every square inch to ensure perfect fit for windows, doors, loft ceilings, porches, and custom enhancements. The buildings are finished off using a steel or shingle roofing, siding in your choice of color, workbenches, pegboard, ramps, and more.

Like watching a puzzle being put together, your shed is constructed piece by piece until the final prize, a beautiful, carefully constructed and quality building that will last your family for years to come.  Stop in or call us today and let the professionals at Hometown build your storage solutions from the ground up!

Back to School at Home? Talk to Hometown!

For many families, school looks a lot different this fall. There has been a surge in parents opting to homeschool, and many schools have started the year with distance learning.

That’s leaving a lot of our children learning from home, often with parents working from home as well.

Since, most of our homes aren’t designed to be home, school, and office, why not add a dedicated study and work area? Our Lifestyle Enhancement Structures are perfect for this – inside and out.

Your building can be customized on the outside to blend in with your existing home exterior. You can choose your color and style of siding and roofing. You can add a porch to make an outdoor learning area. Choose double doors, weather vanes, and even solar panels.

On the inside, you can be fully wired and climate controlled for comfort, convenience and efficiency. Add a sink for science and art, shelving for the books, and even custom desks.

There are a lot of stops on your back to school shopping list. Add Hometown Sheds to your list, and make your back to school easy as ABC.

PS Get extra credit with your kids if you add in one of our amazing Amish built playsets for recess!

Mini Office Interior

Investing In Fun

Play sets and back yard play can bring hours of fun, adventure and imagination for your entire family. However, when it’s time to make a move they can prove to be a great investment as proven by one of our customers recent experiences.

Over a year ago we were contacted by one of our customers inquiring about a new playset. After reviewing the options, he decided on a blue vinyl wrapped and Amish made Discovery Depot set. All of the playsets at IP Storage Solutions are customizable with options including bubble slides, rock walls, benches, forts, and much, much more. This particular customer’s set was created with a walk up ramp, rock wall, fort and swings – a perfect fit for his family.

Recently this same customer reached out to us about purchasing a new set, another Discovery Depot. While he loved his original set, when he went to sell his home it became a bargaining piece assisting in the final sale of the house. Once he moved we worked with him in designing a brand new set, in a new color to match his home. Having seen our quality, durability and service, he also purchased a storage building to accommodate his family’s needs.

The playsets at IP Storage Solutions are an investment that really pays off in more ways than one. Their custom craftsmanship, quality, durability, and features are guaranteed to provide hours of fun. As your family grows, or moves, they are scalable too! Call or stop in today and let us help create your dream playset.

COVID-19 Policy Update

With the unfortunate circumstances of COVID-19 spreading through our communities, we want to keep not only you and your family safe but ours as well, so we have put some safety precautions in place.

We ask that if you or anyone you have been around is sick or showing symptoms of illness, that you not come into our office.

If you are staying at home for any reason, we have many options to still help you! Here are some ways to to contact us for help.

We also offer pictures of generic and custom building, carports, barns and play-sets that we can show you to get the general idea of sizing and placement. It is our goal to make your dream a reality!

If you still want to come into the office, please note that we will only be serving one customer or couple inside at a time. For their safety, we are asking that kids do not come in at this time. We are sanitizing after each person leaves to keep you – and him – safe!

Please be courteous and understanding to our staff as we take extra steps to make sure everyone stays healthy and safe!

Hometown Sheds appreciates the support that you continue to show!

Now Offering Rent to Own For Renters


At IP Storage Solutions we value you, our customers and want to help you with any of your storage solutions. That’s why we have always offered a great variety of payment and financing options available every day to homeowners. But, we area now excited to also offer some rent to own options for renters as well.

What’s Included. Rent to own for renters is now available on any of our steel structures. That means our sturdy, durable and customizable garages and carports and our barns. Our carports and garages are available in a wide array of colors to match your home and they can be ordered starting at 12′ x 21′ and go up to 60′ x whatever length you want! Choose from walk up doors, roll up doors, windows  and even add on a lean to shelter. Our new RTO option is also available on our barns, too.  Whatever you storage need – automobiles, household goods, or just stocking up, we can create a steel structure to meet your needs.

The Details. Renters can now take advantage of this great, pay over time option the same as homeowners. And, your credit will not be a factor or impacted – no credit check available up to $8,000! Or, you can still rent to own any of our steel structures with a credit check up to $15,000! And an extra bonus, delivery and set up are included in all of our options.

We are excited to bring you this new rent to own option if you rent your home and help you with your storage needs. Call us or stop in to your local location today to find out more and schedule your new carport, garage or barn!

12 Months Same as Cash!

It’s a great time to buy at Hometown Sheds, because we’re springing into the season with 12 months same as cash financing!* Place your order now and you’ll pay NO interest if you pay off your building in the first year.

The rate is good for all of the products at Hometown, including wooden buildings, metal sheds, garages, barns, carports, playsets, chicken coops, and dog kennels!

Waiting for that tax refund? Now you don’t have to wait! You don’t even have to come in to the store! Give us a call today and place your order.

*Subject to credit approval.

LP Smart Siding – A Durable and Cost Effective Alternative to Vinyl

smart siding

At IP Storage Solutions you know you’ll always find quality, state of the art products at competitive pricing. While there are many factors that set us apart, our LP Smart Siding is a great alternative for those who are looking for a vinyl look but at a fraction of the cost.

What is Smart Panel? Smart siding is a durable, attractive, engineered wood product made from renewable resources – coming from environmentally managed tree farms that are replanted annually. It combines the texture of traditional wood siding with the durability and performance of treated, engineered wood. If you already have siding or if you’re just getting started, the LP Smart Siding has the appearance of vinyl without the high cost. We can also match the existing siding on your home, business or building, and even color match so there’s no difference in appearance. Many homeowners associations and buildings codes require that your exterior buildings are constructed of wood. The smart panel engineered wood meets this criteria.

Why the difference? The LP siding includes a 50 year warranty against *any* moisture issues, including fungal decay, and wood boring insects using the SmartGuard® process. That means that unlike many traditional wooden buildings, you don’t have to worry about rotting wood, mold, mildew, and termites over time. If your surroundings change over the years, with smart siding, so can your shed. LP Smart Panel Siding can easily be painted to coordinate with your home or to simply update your building’s appearance. Plus, the optional LP SilverTech® radiant barrier product helps to  keep your shed cooler during those hot summer months.

If you love the look of siding, or if you’re looking for a durable and attractive wood building, we’d love to show you all that  LP Smart Siding has to offer. Call or stop in at one of our many locations today and let us help you get started customizing the building of your dreams.

A Carport Means Frostless Windows

‘Tis the Season to hum about winter weather, but have you ever noticed that you don’t sing while you’re scraping frost off your car windows? There’s not much more miserable than freezing fingers before an early morning commute.

Get rid of the windshield frost by covering your car with a carport from IP Storage Solutions. It’s like putting a blanket on top of your vehicle. The radiant heat from your car gets trapped under the roof, meaning that all the moisture in the air freezes everywhere but on your car.

And the carports at IP Storage Solutions offer you a ton of choices. Start by choosing color or size. Add on utility space. Enclose part, or all – and have a garage, even with windows.

Our buildings have standard 29 gauge steel paneling. The standard tubing is 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ 14 gauge, or you can upgrade to 12 gauge with 2 1/4″ x 2 1/4″. (Learn more about our buildings here.)

Of course, if it’s cold and frosty, the most important thing is that they cover your car or truck and so you won’t have to scrape, and you can whistle on your way to work!