Trimming Out The Perfect Building

At Hometown Sheds we have been proudly serving your community for over 10 years, building quality, durable sheds and buildings that are made to last. A little over a year ago these qualities led Danville Tree Care Inc. to contact us to help with some of their storage needs.

The local company, owned by two brothers, has been operating in the area for over 40 years. They reached out to our local Danville manager, Steve, to assist with creating two metal buildings for their personal use at home. Sadly, a year later one of the companies wooden buildings from the 1970’s burned down in an unexpected fire. Once again they reached out to Hometown Sheds Danville to create a new custom 30x60x14 solution including a 12 foot door large enough to drive their lifts through. Windows, another option with our buildings, were also added to provide some natural light. Once the building was custom ordered and delivered, installation only took three days. They will use the building as a part office and partial garage for maintenance, projects, welding, and more.

The buildings at Hometown Sheds feature many different customizable interior options. We know you want your building to look good, too. You can choose your color and trim options to complement your style. For Danville Tree Care, their building coordinates with their custom made sign which is proudly displayed on their new building.

All of our buildings come standard with a wind and snow load rating 140 mph and 35 lbs per square foot. After all, those tree trucks need to be protected from the elements so they can help in times of emergencies and Virginia’s heavy storms.  Many other companies charge extra for these features, but they come standard in the metal structures or metal garages at Hometown.

Whether it’s for home use or to create additional storage and room for your business, Hometown Sheds is ready to create your custom storage solution. Call Steve this week to get started or visit any of our locations to bring your dream to reality.

Make Your Home Worth More!

The real estate market is really, really hot right now. People are paying over market value, and over asking prices to get in a home. Take advantage of this market by adding even more value to your property with a building from Hometown Sheds. Any real estate agent will tell you storage is what clients want, and that’s what your Hometown shed will offer them.

Quality Adds Worth. Anyone can put up a storage shed on their property, but our buildings are built locally, and have features that put them in a league of their own. First of all, they are crafted by hand, and made to last and last. They come with a limited manufacturer’s 10 year panel warranty, a 20 year paint warranty, and a 90 day workmanship warranty, and a 20 year rust through warranty on the frame. We’re able to stand behind our buildings because they are built so well. For example, each steel building has a standard 29 gauge steel. Our wooden buildings have 3/4″ Huber Blue Plus tongue in groove floor decking, with 2′ x 6′ floor joists.  

Add Value With a Playset. Another hot item on the market right now is play space for kids. Our Amish built gym sets are the best choice for your home, daycare, school, or church. In addition to a fabulous array of configurations, options, and features, you’ll find that the sets are hand built with vinyl, which means easy upkeep, and splinter free play. There are accessories, too, with swings for kids and adults, picnic tables, towers, turrets, slides, bridges, and so much more!

If you’re selling your home now, you can reap the benefits in your asking price. If you’ve just bought a home, add immediate value to your investment. And if you’re going to be in your home for a long time, you’ll not only increase your home’s value, you’ll be increasing your quality of life.

And that’s the best investment of all!

Super Coops for your Chickens

Portable Chicken Coop

We’re crowing about the eggcellent chicken coops that we have for you at Hometown. Whether you have a few baby chicks or a whole flock of birds, we have the perfect options that we’re betting will inspire your girls to reward you with dozens of eggs!

Fabulous Features for the Feathered Friends. Our chicken coops come with keyed door entry, easy to clean, pressurized plywood flooring, a roosting bar, and those all important nesting boxes. Litter trays are removable to make clean up easier for you, and keep the flock healthy. Automatic doors are a deterrent for those other critters that like to steal eggs – and hurt chickens.

Pick Your Perks for the Perch. From simple to elaborate, you can personalize your coop. Customers love the mobile coop that you can roll from place to place in your yard, saving – and fertilizing – your lawn. Coordinate with your home’s décor by adding window and doors, or different roofing styles. Choose pre-painted coop, or a board and batten siding. Tech Shield Roofing will help keep things cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. There is also an electrical package to keep water from freezing when temperatures plummet. Whatever your flock needs, it’s a super time to buy a super coop at Hometown Sheds. Call us for super service for you – and your birds.

Plan Now For Spring’s Arrival

The blustery winds and piles of snow may leave you wondering if spring will ever arrive. However, believe it or not, the official start of warm weather and blooming flowers starts next month. Plan now for all of that outdoor activity with a new building, playset or coop from Hometown Sheds.

Outdoor Fun For Everyone. Each year eager parents and grandparents call us at the first sight of warm weather in search of a quality playset. The sets at Hometown Sheds are not only fun, but they’re built to last too. Each set is shipped directly from Pennsylvania and features Amish built construction, completely customizable options, a variety of sizes, and 8 styles to pick from. You’ll choose from swings, slides, playhouse and fort options and much more! What’s even better? Delivery and installation are included with all of our playsets so you can sit back and watch the fun be delivered right to your back yard.


Unlimited Storage. Warm weather also means outdoor fun for the grownups, too. One of our wooden or metal sheds are the perfect place to store your gardening tools, sports equipment and kid’s outdoor bikes and toys. Add a roll up door option to your shed – the perfect place to pull in the lawn mower and heavy equipment. Add windows, walk in doors, workbenches, peg boards and even an electrical package to any shed to work through the dark evenings. Grab your rockers and enjoy the beautiful weather with a porch model building – an ideal place for those new spring flowers.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to and spring has already sprung. Call Hometown Sheds today for all of your outdoor needs – sheds, buildings, carports, coops, kennels and playsets. Making your plans now will guarantee fun will blossom all year long.

COVID-19 Policy Update

With the unfortunate circumstances of COVID-19 spreading through our communities, we want to keep not only you and your family safe but ours as well, so we have put some safety precautions in place.

We ask that if you or anyone you have been around is sick or showing symptoms of illness, that you not come into our office.

If you are staying at home for any reason, we have many options to still help you! Here are some ways to to contact us for help.

We also offer pictures of generic and custom building, carports, barns and play-sets that we can show you to get the general idea of sizing and placement. It is our goal to make your dream a reality!

If you still want to come into the office, please note that we will only be serving one customer or couple inside at a time. For their safety, we are asking that kids do not come in at this time. We are sanitizing after each person leaves to keep you – and him – safe!

Please be courteous and understanding to our staff as we take extra steps to make sure everyone stays healthy and safe!

IP Storage Solutions appreciates the support that you continue to show!

The Good in 2020

Nothing is all bad, and that includes the year 2020. As we looked back, we found lots of great things that happened at Hometown Sheds.

  1. We were able to keep serving during the pandemic. Since we are an essential business, we did not have to close during the initial shutdown. Our lot managers and our customers helped us comply with the safety mandates, and we are very grateful.
  2. We broke our sales record! People have really been focusing on home improvement this year, and have recognized that a building from Hometown Sheds adds value to a home, both aesthetically and practically. We’ve also sold a lot of playsets to families who are doing school from home instead of away. AND we’ve sold chicken coops for those who have decided that being a bit more self sufficient is the way to go.
  3. Moved to Hickory. One of the exciting things that happened this year was that we shifted one of our lots to a new location in Hickory. Drop by and visit Sherry, the lot manager there.
  4. New regional sales manager! Hometown was excited to welcome Tabatha Allred to our team. Tabatha has brought fresh ideas and a team building spirit, and we’re very happy to have her!
  5. We are offering two new product lines! The Lifestyle Structures and Modular Office space options are timely additions to the Hometown offerings.
  6. We introduced a new website look with configurators! You can now design your carport, garage, or storage building and get an estimate! This is a great tool that helps you envision what your final product will look like – from all angles!

We are grateful to our team and to you, our customers who helped make 2020 a really good year, despite it all. We’re looking forward to serving you in 2021.

Plan Now to Save on Taxes for the New Year

As the year draws to a close, it’s almost time for those New Year’s resolutions. Before you start cleaning and decluttering, there’s a way your storage can save you money when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Storing Your Work. If you’re a business owner, you know that storage is a must. From bulky equipment to those important files, a storage building from Hometown Sheds can keep your business necessities safe and covered. It can also save you money at tax time, too!

Saving on Taxes. When you purchase a shed, garage, or building before December 31st for your business, you’ll also be saving yourself money when April rolls around. Whether you’re a home business, working from home, or if you have a physical business and just need additional storage, your shed could count as a tax deduction. According to the IRS, as long as your storage is business related you can write off part or all of the costs associated on your taxes when April 15th rolls around.*

Working From Home. This year many individuals are finding themselves working from home more than ever before. If you need a workspace away from the couch, bedroom, or kitchen table, one of our Lifestyle Structures can be the perfect fit. These custom designed spaces are made to fit your lifestyle – and that includes a home office complete with shelving, heating and air, windows, custom flooring, and even a porched entry space for customers to come and go. These structures, if considered a home office, can sometimes considered a business use of your home and according to the IRS are also eligible as a business expense.*

Before you call this year a wrap, stop in to Hometown Sheds and find the perfect storage or office solution for your business and enjoy the savings at tax time, too. The professionals at Hometown are happy to walk you through all of your options and customize a solution to fit your needs! But, hurry, just like the holidays, December 31st will come and go before you can yell, “Happy New Year!”

*Consult with your tax advisor for specifics for your business.

We Need a Little Thanksgiving Now

You’ve probably seen that many people are already putting up their Christmas trees. The song “We Need a Little Christmas” has never rung so true as it does this year.

We don’t blame you one bit for putting up that tree, but we don’t want to forget Thanksgiving – that other really important holiday on the calendar. Most of all, we don’t want to forget to stop and actually give thanks.

And despite it all, there is still a lot to be thankful for.

At Hometown, we’re thankful for the workers in our factories who work hard creating your custom building from the ground up using the best quality products around, without cutting any corners.

We’re grateful to our office staff, who provide excellent customer service behind the scenes, ensuring each order is exactly right and no detail is overlooked.

We give thanks for our sales crew, who take the time to work with each customer, listen to their needs and truly customize a product that will last them and their family for many years to come.

We’re grateful for you, our customers, who inspire us to continuously innovate and find ways to create the best buildings, playset, coops, kennels, carports, and garages anywhere on the east coast.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t thank our families, who support us throughout the year as we do anything it takes to ensure customer satisfaction while creating the best experience possible from design to delivery of your new building.

Truth told, once we get started, we could go on and on. We bet it’s the same with you, too.

So while you’re trimming the turkey – or the tree – take a minute or two, and do a little thanks-giving.

It’s something we all need.

Shop Small With Hometown Sheds Danville

This holiday season we encourage you to shop small and support locally owned and operated businesses in your hometown. Hometown Sheds of Danville is a small “hometown” business and many of our products are created right here in the southeast. Before you shop for your shed, building, garage, or playset online or at the big box stores, come to IP Storage Solutions.

Locally Built. Many companies create “cookie cutter” buildings which are manufactured overseas or far away. At Hometown Sheds of Danville, our sheds are built locally right in our factory located in Danville, VA, and delivered to one of your local locations for the fastest and most convenient service.   They are built by skilled contractors and made to fit your custom needs.  Our wooden and metal sheds are completely customizable with roofing and window options, your choice of colors, doors, electrical package, shelving and much, much more. When you purchase your shed you’re not only getting a quality building that will last you and your family for years to come, but you’re shopping local, too!

Locally Operated. When you call or stop in at our Hometown Sheds of Danville location, you’ll be greeted with a friendly face or voice. What’s important to know is that our sales professionals are also from your same area, ready to answer any questions and understand your unique needs and challenges when creating a shed. We understand HOA requirements, weather and climate concerns, and permitting requirements. We’ll discuss with you the main purpose for your shed to better guide you on your design journey.

Before you head out to the major home improvement store to shop for your shed or shop around at the major manufacturers online, stop in to your local Hometown Sheds of Danville location this holiday season and #shopsmall. You’ll not only receive outstanding customer service from a local professional, but you can rest easy knowing that your new shed is built right here, crafted especially for you. As always, installation and delivery are included, too. 

Call us today or stop in and let us help you create your dream shed this holiday season.

Your New Shed Is Only A Click Or Call Away

order online

Life is busy, and your time is important. At Hometown Sheds we make it easy for you to create the custom shed, building, garage, carport, or playset that you’ve been dreaming of – with just the click of a mouse or quick phone call.  While our local professionals are happy to show you around and help you customize your new shed in person, when time is of the essence or you’d simply prefer to shop from the comfort of home, you’ll get the same expert service and quality products.

Just A Click Away. Online shopping for everything from clothing to groceries is convenient and easy. Shopping online for a shed or carport is no different. Our new Online Portals allow you to virtually build your own carport or shed from scratch – right on your computer or phone. First you’ll choose the style and size, then add in your many customizable options. Pick your roofing, porch, siding, colors, flooring and even the interior – you’ll become your own designer. And the best part? Once you’ve created your new vision, click or call, and we’ll get back to you with an estimate!

Calling For Convenience. In addition to creating your new design online, you can also work with one of our experienced staff over the phone. Whether you’re shopping the Hometown Sheds website, Facebook page or just have a few questions to get started, our trained professionals are here to help you. We’ll be able to walk you through from beginning to end, provide you a quote and set up delivery and payment right via a simple phone call. Social distancing? No problem. Just pick up the phone and we’ll walk you through design to delivery in one simple step.

Before you head out the door, pack up the family and drive across town, browse around the Hometown Sheds website or simply pick up the phone to be connected to the same, great, local designers without the hassle of leaving home. Are you ready to get started? Click on one of the buttons below!